Product Name

Three component, Solvent-free, Heavy-duty epoxy mortar

Product Description
SK Epoxy Screed is a flooring system comprising of high grade epoxy resin, hardener as a curing agent and selected fine aggregates which gives a flat, hard and tough surface. This hghly filled mortar is distinguihed by easy workability. It can withstand not only heavily mechanical loading, but also resistant to most chemical grease, oil and humidity.
Interior / Exterior
Standard Packing
6.0 kg/set – SK Epoxy Screed (Part A) : 4.0 kg / can

SK Epoxy Screed (Part B) : 2.0 kg / can

24.0 kg/set – SK Epoxy Screed (Part A) : 16.0 kg / can

SK Epoxy Screed (Part B) : 8.0 kg / can

Aggregates : 30 kg / bag recommended

Recommended Uses
As a heavy duty coating product, is an excellent system for old or new concrete floors that are exposed to heavy vehicular movements in breweries, food factories, production areas, aircraft hangers, manufacturing factories, warehouses, and in most types of workshops, power plants, loading bays and carparks.
Theoretical Coverage at Recommended Dry Film
Approx. 9.0 kg/m2 for 5mm thickness
Application Data
1) Application Method
Ensure that substrate is mechanically scarified or acid etched prior to priming. Apply 1 coat of SK Arkiprimer over the substrate by a roller or brush. The area should be primed with an even coat. Prevention of material pounding is recommended. Allow the primer to dry overnight. Lay SK Epoxy Screed on the primed substrate with the aid of a steel trowel and spread the material to the required thickness +/- 5mm. Do not apply SK Epoxy Screed at temperature below 10oC.
2) Mixing Ratio Part A (4.0) : Part B (2.0) : Aggregates (30 (recommended))
3) Cleaning Procedure Clean up equipment with thinner immediately after use.
Part A and Part B should be mix by using slow speed agitator to prevent air bubbles from formulating. Add the aggregates and continue to mix thoroughly. No dilution is needed.
Download leaflet (PDF)
Please check method of application when you appl this product.
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