Product Name

Solvent-free, Self Leveling Epoxy Floor Coating

Product Description
A high performance three-component, self leveling epoxy floor coating system. It is specially designed for impact and chemical resistance, with the ease of application on horizontal surfaces. Arkifloor SLE 2M comprises igh grade epoxy resins, hardener as curing agent and selected fine aggregates with colourfast pigments. It gives a smooth, flat, uniform yet hard coating to keep your indoor environment dust-free and hygienic.
Interior / Exterior
Standard Packing
Arkifloor SLE Base : 4.5 kg / can

Arkifloor SLE Hardener : 2.5 kg / can

Arkifloor SLE Aggregates : 10 kg / bag

Recommended Uses
As a heavy duty coating product, Arkifloor SLE 2M is an excellent system for old or new concrete and cementitious floor of industrial and commercial laboratories, food factories, manufacturing factories and warehouses. It is also suitable for use in any type of workshops, power and wafer plants as well as chemical storage rooms.
Theoretical Coverage at Recommended Dry Film
3.8 – 4.3 kg/m2 for 2mm thickness
A wide range of colours
Application Data
1) Application Method
Ensure an even surface which primed with Arkiprimer. Lay Arkifloor SLE 2M on the primed substrate with the aid of a steel trowel and spread the material to the required thickness of ±2mm. After spreading, use a nylon spike roller and roll back and forth on the same direction to release any air bubbles that may be trapped during the mixing of components.
2) Mixing Ratio Base 4.5 : Hardener 2.5 : Aggregates 10
3) Cleaning Procedure Clean up equipment with thinner immediately after use.
Base and hardener should be stirred thoroughly prior to use. Do not allow material ponding.
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Please check method of application when you appl this product.
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